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Application of adhesives in Volkswagen's automotive production

Volkswagen AG / VinciTech B.V.

Handling of rear battery consoles with application of two adhesive seams

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A small robot in a large hall. Low Cost Robotics is also perfectly suited for automotive production. In the Volkswagen plant in Emden, a robolink robot arm from igus is used in the Passat B8 PA production. The compact dimensions, the performance data and a fast ROI are the advantages of the robolink. Thanks to the low weight of the robot, no enclosure is needed after a risk analysis. The robot arm takes over the bonding of acoustic measures in the area of the rear battery console in the Passat B8 PA. Two adhesive seams are applied. Until now, in the line process at the VW plant in Emden, the rear battery consoles were manually removed from containers by employees, positioned on a glue table and provided with two acoustic adhesive seams. The console was then installed in the side trunk area. The rear battery is only installed in vehicles with higher engines. This additionally required production time causes an activity content of over 120% in the employee's workload diagram, which means that the employee cannot maintain his work cycle / area. He must then go further with the following vehicle, which can lead to stress and thus to errors. Likewise a continuous constant adhesion at the battery console cannot be ensured by the manual process. By using the low-cost robot robolink W from igus for the automated removal of the battery console from parts stations and the automated gluing of the two acoustic adhesive seams, the employee is able to stay in his work area even if a Passat requires the installation of a rear battery console. The automation built by VinciTech BV has also resulted in a glue application that corresponds to a quality improvement.

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