Gerostal Systems

GerostAL GmbH was founded in 2006 by Rolf Raue, Gerald Müller and Stephan Fels, and has since been dealing exclusively with aluminum. At the beginning of the company's activity, GerostAL was engaged in the development and manufacture of high-precision aluminum piston rods, the manufacturing process of which was registered as a utility model at the patent office in Munich. The brand name FeramAL 7075 was also registered for this product, which was developed to market maturity as an alternative product to stainless steel piston rods and is still being sold today.

As a further business area and supplement to the piston rods, so-called semi-finished products were included in the product range as trading goods. These include close-tolerance aluminum drawing profiles, aluminum rods as round, flat, square and hexagonal rods as well as pneumatic round tubes. All available as semi-finished products, machined-on or ready-to-install components including surface coating.

In 2012, the two existing business segments FeramAL and trading business were then supplemented by a further strategic business segment, that of mechanical engineering/construction profiles. This includes not only the supply of these profiles in your commercial lengths, but also the sawing of customer cutting lists and the offer of special constructions such as assembly tables, moving walkways, machine enclosures, etc..

  • "Alrounder" of aluminum procurement

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