SCARA 3 DOF | Size S | Reach 400 mm | Laboratory applications

Référence: RBTX-IGUS-0112

The new Apiro® SCARA specifically for laboratory applications ensures reliable use. Thanks to its compact design and quiet operation, the SCARA robot is ideal for desktop applications. The robot can lift a weight of up to 0.5 kg.

Délai de livraison standard : 3 semaines

Max Payload

Produits phares


With igus® Robot Control Software and Cabinet Controller

The igus Robot Control enables simple and intuitive robot control and programming and thus an easy entry into automation. The modular design makes it possible to control different igus kinematics, for example delta robots, gantry robots or articulated robots.

  • Manual guidance functions on gantry systems and delta robots

  • ModBus, digital I/Os, Ethernet CRI, ROS, etc.

  • Ethernet or WLAN

  • Over 100 sample programs for igus® gantry robots, delta robots, jointed-arm robots, Scara, and many more. > To the sample programs

  • Circular motion, velocity commands, if-then-else, matrix calculation, etc.


Free Download

Download the software and test if on your computer

Download the software now for free. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the user interface and functions even before you buy the components. With the Digital Twin you get an overview of the possibilities of your robot. (System requirements: Windows 10 PC, free USB 2.0 port, Ethernet port, 500 MB free storage)

Download now - It's free


Made for laboratory applications

The 100% maintenance-free SCARA robot was specially developed for applications in the laboratory. Due to its compact design and low noise levels, it is primarily suitable for desktop applications. The gearbox performance data was determined in an extensive test phase.


Apiro® configurator

Configure your robot now with the help of the Apiro® Configurator. Solutions with one or more degrees of freedom as well as the Apiro® Scara can be configured individually.

In the last step you can download the respective CAD file and request an individual offer.

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